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About Us

Founded in the year 2000, Silver Sands has a singular mission: To present the Maldives in a different light.

We want to share with you the majestic beauty of this tropical hideaway and present the country's charming sense of hospitality with ease, comfort and style.

We have a team of professionals with over 50 years experience in the travel industry, making us the experts in creating the ultimate holiday in the Maldives. We take pride in providing our clienteles the highest level of personal service from start to finish. Guaranteed you will receive thorough and accurate advice regarding Maldives resorts as our dedicated travel team regularly visit our partner resorts.

In true Maldivian spirit, we graciously offer you the best island experience staying in any of our very exquisite high-end, yet reasonably priced resorts. Every resort in our collection is unique and offers different perspective of the Maldives. We have personally handpicked resorts which offer high standard of service and always aspire to make the dreams of all guests come true.

We attribute our success to constant innovation. We succeed because we don't subscribe to rest on the laurels of our successes. We succeed because we believe in a corporate social responsibility, our commitment to a more prosperous and environmentally-sustainable Maldives. Mostly, we succeed because we listen to you.

Tell us your desires and we will tailor-make your trips to the Maldives.

Why Choose Us?

Our philosophy is to make things new. Henry Miller once said "One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things." We couldn't have said it better.

We seek to avoid conformity, of bland sameness, through offering you Maldives experiences that places comfort, elegance and luxury at its centre. We believe in bringing the essence of these magical islands to you in style. Travel, for us, is simply more than getting from A to B.

We are committed to what we call "holistic holidaying" where we virtually look after every aspect of your holiday. Simply share with us your perfect Maldives experience and leave the rest to us. From your resort booking, to meet and greet at the airport and everything in between; that perfect dinner for the two of you on a private sandbank, a Robison Crusoe-like experience on a deserted island, a sports fishing session in the bountiful Maldivian waters, your own yacht for a while to sail the seas, diving in style with our dive valet service, to a once-in-a-lifetime spa treatment under the water with the fish overseeing your wellbeing... Silver Sands is a one-stop travel boutique for those who know and deserve the best in life.

With confidence, we can say that we know the resorts in our collection better than any other travel consultant in the Maldives. We are their partners in every sense of the word. Silver Sands Travel is closely connected to each of these top Maldives resorts, because we provide several of the overwater and underwater adventures offered on these islands including diving, water sports, snorkelling, excursions, sports fishing and sailing.

Each resort featured in the collection is unique in itself, offering different experiences to different audiences. Some offer a classic Maldives experience with their sheer beauty, others offer ultramodern holidays with villas with private pools, fine-dining room service and mood lighting, inviting you never to leave your villa, whilst others still offer the ultimate gourmet journeys with underwater dining experiences or perhaps 6 course degustation dinners in an underground wine cellar surrounded by over 5000 bottles of wines!

With our first-hand knowledge and our part in delivering the Maldives experiences to the guests, let us help you make your dreams become a reality.

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